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D-Link Internal Routes

We all know that D-Link is lacking in some important features, as most home routers are. But an important feature to any router is the ability to uhhh "route". D-Link does not allow the feature of routing to for your LAN on some of their routers only allowing you to select the WAN option.

This can be bypassed by adding the following lines into the address bar to change the routing information incase you want to route in your internal network.

Here are the Steps:
  1. Log into the router
  2. Go to Advanced>Routing and paste the following in the URL with the information you need[0].enabled=true&config.route_table[0].used=1&config.route_table[0].entry_name=MediaShare&config.route_table[0].dest_ip=X.X.X.X&config.route_table[0].metric=1&config.route_table[0].dlink=LAN&config.route_table[0].subnet=X.X.X.X&config.route_table[0].gw=X.X.X.X

Note: The number in the brackets represent which row you wish to change. The other information to configure should be self explanatory such as: Subnet, gw=Gateway, dest_ip=destination IP etc.

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