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File Sharing Websites

Sending files to people over the internet can be a really annoying (and/or complicated) process. There are tons of files haring sites out there to help though. They make sharing files with other people extremely easily and effective because it is completely broswer based with no setup required for either side.

It is sometimes hard to find a good file sharing site though with a decent limit/cap. So I will post a few sites that I found useful for file sharing purposes:

FileDropper - Free file sharing with a 5gb limit per file. I use it for really big file transfers as its not as effective for quick transfers

Imgur - A great picture sharer thats extremely simple in its interface but has tons of cool features. Makes image sharing extremely easy.

Sendspace - 300mb limit file sharing per file. I used to use this one a lot because of its ease and simplicity of use.

Megaupload - 500mb limit per file. One of the more popular file sharing services has a few features and a really simple interface. Has a timer though (that can be bypassed) so it slows down the receiving of files a bit more

I might add more later if I can remember others. File sharing services are a really important thing to have/use for me so I'm always looking for new/better ones with a larger limit.

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