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Blackberry Wiping and Screen Capture

A while back I had a BlackBerry 9000 and the screen had shattered not allowing me to view anything on the screen and thus not allowing me to wipe the device or even see if I needed anything that was still on it etc.

I was able to find some tools in order to allow me to wipe the device easily and to view what was on the screen through a screen viewing application.

JL_Cmder x86 64bit can be used to display device information, show an event log, take a screenshot, and wipe the device.

The second tool is a screen streaming tool that can be used either for presentations of a device on a larger screen or when you just can't actually see your screen. It is called BB ScreenStream and can be found at the following website along with some other useful screen capturing tools: Screenshot/Capturing Tools

Both of these tools are java utilities that manipulate JavaLoader in order to display information from the device without actually touching the device.

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