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Transmission CLI Headless Mode Ubuntu Server10.04

Another useful application to use on an ubuntu server is Bitorrent. A great application for this is the lightweight client called Transmission.

It is easy to install, configure, and even has a web interface so you will be able to access your Bittorrent client remotely and leave it to download at home whenever you want.

To install and configure Transmission use the following commands:

sudo apt-get install transmission-daemon transmission-cli

This will allow for just the basic settings required to get transmission running for cli and won't install portions of the GUI that you do not need.

The next step is actual configuration, this is done through the config settings that exist at /etc/transmission-daemon/settings.json.
 But before you do this you need to stop transmission to make your changed by: sudo /etc/init.d/transmission-daemon stop

In the location "/etc/transmission-daemon/settings.json" you will find all of the settings that you can configure for transmission such as download directory and the rpc-whitelist. The rpc-whitelist is a list that allows certain IPs to access the web interface to download files. Add your local IP (likely 192.168.*.*) and write out ctrl+o.

"rpc-whitelist": ", 192.168.*.*",
"rpc-whitelist-enabled": true,

While your here it's probably a good idea to set the speed limits so you don't max out your home connection since this will probably be running in the background all the time .

"speed-limit-down": 60,
"speed-limit-down-enabled": true,
"speed-limit-up": 10,
"speed-limit-up-enabled": true,

Then restart the server by doing sudo /etc/init.d/transmission-daemon start

Your web service should be started by now and you should be able to access it from the specified IPs in the whitelist.

Access the webpage at the following address:

For your convenience here is a list of commands that are available to edit in the /etc/transmission-daemon/settings.json:

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