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NFS on Windows 7

While looking to turn off some windows 7 features (mainly games) I stumbled upon a method to turn on an NFS client included natively, but turned off by default.

This compatibility with NFS makes file sharing with Linux based OSes a lot easier and lowers the overhead of file transfers on devices that aren't as capable to handle the heavy samba utility.

To turn this feature on use the following steps:

Control Panel>Programs and Features>Turn Windows Features On or Off

Scroll down to Services for NFS and turn on Client for NFS to connect to NFS shares and/or Administrative Tools in order to manage NFS connections through Administrative tools in control panel.

While your here, take a look at what other features you can enable like TFTP client or Telnet Client.

Now, there are a couple of methods to connect to/mount an NFS drive in windows.

mount [options] //nfs-server-ip/share-name [drive letter]

Note: You will need to use the -u option if you connect to the share using a different username

GUI (map a network drive):
Go to "Start>Right Click "Computer">Map a Network Drive

Use the format under folder:

Note: Click connect using different credentials if you use a different username/password to use your share

I will later add a post on how to add NFS to a D-Link DNS-323 NAS device

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