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Collecting ESXi Core Dumps

  1. Login to the ESXi Host 
  2. Find the Disk identifier that core-dumps are written to 
    1. esxcfg-dumppart -t
    2. The output will look like the following: 
    3. mpx.vmhba2:C0:T0:L0:2 /dev/sda2
  3. Change directories to the datastore with enough storage for these logs 
    1. cd /vmfs/volumes/datastore1
  4. Dump the contents of the dump to a zdump file
    1. esxcfg-dumppart --copy --devname "/vmfs/devices/disks/identifier"
    2. where identifier is the value recorded in step 2 
    3. example: 
      1. esxcfg-dumppart --copy --devname "/vmfs/devices/disks/mpx.vmhba2:C0:T0:L0:2"

ESXi 5.0 Extracting zdumps
vmkdump -l vmkernel-zdump-XXXXXX.XX.XX.X
created file vmkernel-log.1

ESXi 4.0 Extracting zdumps
esxcfg-dumppart --log vmkernel-zdump-XXXXXX.XX.XX.X
created file vmkernel-log.1

Interpreting the Core Dumps
The following guide gives a verbose description on how to read core-dumps in esxi: 

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