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Installing Dell RAID Firmware

Some basic steps to update firmware on a Dell R510 - Perc H700 Integraded Controller Firmware.
  1. Grab the binary file from the Dell support website (currently the most updated version is 12.10.4-0001)
  2. Execute the command using the --version tag so you can just view the documentation from Dell prior to installation and to figure out which packages are necessary
    1. FRMW_LX_RXXXXXX.BIN --version
  3. You may be missing dependencies other than compat-libstdc++-3. The following are the packages that I had to install
    1. yum -y install compat-libstdc++-33
    2. yum -y install
  4. After you have confirmed installation of all packages install the firmware by running the binary without any arguments. It will open the manual and as soon as you finish reading and press 'q' it will begin the installation
  5. You will be prompted to reboot.

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