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Resizing an LVM Root Partition

Shrinking a Root Partition:
This will have to be done using a live CD or some other file system in which your root file system on the drive you want to extend is not mounted.
  1. Activate all known volume groups in the system:
    1. lvm vgchange -a y
  2. Ensure the volume group is recognized
    1. ls /dev/VolGrp
  3. Perform a disk check 
    1. e2fsck -f /dev/VolGrp/Vol1
  4. Resize the filesystem to 1G
    1. resize2fs -f /dev/VolGrp/Vol1 1G
  5. Perform a second disk check
    1. e2fsck -f /dev/VolGrp/Vol1
  6. Resize the actual LVM to 1G
    1. lvm lvreduce -L1G /dev/VolGrp/Vol1

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