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IOMeter on Linux

Quick Instructions for IOMeter in Linux

  1. Image a device with a Linux distribution (normally I end up using RHEL)
  2. Remote into the machine (ssh or other)
  3. Setup your workplace, download the tarball, and extract it
  4. cd /opt
    gunzip iometer-2006_07_27.linux.i386-bin.tgz
    tar -xvf iometer-2006_07_27.linux.i386-bin.tar
  5. Change directories to where the iometer binary is
  6. cd iometer-2006_07_27.linux.i386-bin
    cd src
  7. Either make a firewall rule or turn off firewall temporarily (I turn it off as I am usually in a lab environment)
  8. iptables -F
  9. Open up the same version of IOMeter on your windows machine you're going to connect to
  10. Run Dynamo process with the remote IP of your server (windows) machine and the local ip of your Linux machine
  11. ./dynamo -I (Windows_IP) -m (Linux_IP)

Note: Remember to specify a sector max size to fill up a test file. Test files are most important for spinning disks as you want to be able to get a good read/write rate for the entire disk rather than a small portion.

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