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Mfiutil Commands


Enable Write-Back Cache, but disable Write-Caching when you have a bad battery

mfiutil cache mfid0 write-back enable
mfiutil cache mfid0 bad-bbu-write-cache disable

Battery Logging

The -l battery parameter can be used to view all information regarding battery events
mfiutil show events -c debug -l battery
87416 (boot + 6s/BATTERY/info) - Battery Present
87477 (Sat May 18 11:29:12 EDT 2013/BATTERY/info) - Battery temperature is normal
87478 (Sat May 18 11:29:12 EDT 2013/BATTERY/WARN) - Battery requires reconditioning; please initiate a LEARN cycle
87479 (Sat May 18 11:29:12 EDT 2013/BATTERY/WARN) - BBU disabled; changing WB virtual disks to WT, Forced WB VDs are not affected
87718 (Sun May 19 09:37:22 EDT 2013/BATTERY/info) - Battery started charging

Check the current battery status
mfiutil show battery
mfi0: Battery State:
     Manufacture Date: 12/4/2010
        Serial Number: 1254
         Manufacturer: LS1191002A
                Model: 3150302
            Chemistry: LION
      Design Capacity: 1215 mAh
 Full Charge Capacity: 65504 mAh
     Current Capacity: 65247 mAh
        Charge Cycles: 216
       Current Charge: 100%
       Design Voltage: 3700 mV
      Current Voltage: 4067 mV
          Temperature: 30 C
     Autolearn period: 30 days
      Next learn time: Fri Jun 14 03:57:31 2013
 Learn delay interval: 0 hours
       Autolearn mode: enabled
               Status: normal

Checking Cache is a good idea to see if your battery has been deemed bad, which will likely explain why caching has been turned off
mfiutil cache mfid0
mfi0 volume mfid0 cache settings:
             I/O caching: writes and reads
           write caching: write-back
write cache with bad BBU: disabled
              read ahead: none
       drive write cache: disabled
Cache Disabled Due to Dead Battery

Changing BBU Mode

See Manufacture guide for what each mode defined. Generally they are to state how much the battery will drain during a re-learn and will allow you to maintain WB cache even during a re-learn cycle.
mfiutil bbu bbu-mode (1-4)

With BBU08 and some other models you can put the battery in a mode in which it will not be required to switch to WT caching as it maintains additional backup capacity through the re-learns

Always make sure to check the estimated service life on the lsi website:

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