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Using VMware CLI (vCLI) - esxcli

Network Statistics

esxcli network nic stats get -n vmnic(#)

esxcli network nic stats get -n vmnic0
NIC statistics for vmnic0
   Packets received: 99716
   Packets sent: 190201
   Bytes received: 13709398
   Bytes sent: 177447592
   Receive packets dropped: 0
   Transmit packets dropped: 0
   Total receive errors: 0
   Receive length errors: 0
   Receive over errors: 0
   Receive CRC errors: 0
   Receive frame errors: 0
   Receive FIFO errors: 0
   Receive missed errors: 0
   Total transmit errors: 0
   Transmit aborted errors: 0
   Transmit carrier errors: 0
   Transmit FIFO errors: 0
   Transmit heartbeat errors: 0
   Transmit window errors: 0

vSwitch Security

Allowing promiscuous mode to be able to receive packets not directed directly to the guest
esxcli network vswitch standard policy security set --allow-promiscuous true --vswitch-name=vSwitch1

Confirming Setting Changes
esxcli network vswitch standard policy security get --vswitch-name=vSwitch1
   Allow Promiscuous: true
   Allow MAC Address Change: true
   Allow Forged Transmits: true

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