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ESXi Network Port Statistics

To get port statistics you first need to know which port you wish to investigate via its port-id.

This can be gathered using the following method:
esxcli network vm list
World ID  Name            Num Ports  Networks
--------  --------------  ---------  ----------------
   54526  TPC-F11-09-013          2  VM Network, 2/13
   54675  TPC-F11-09-019          2  VM Network, 2/19
   55055  TPC-F11-09-016          2  VM Network, 2/16
   59076  TPC-F11-09-010          2  VM Network, 2/10
   69868  TPC-F11-09-011          2  VM Network, 2/11
   71906  TPC-F11-09-004          2  VM Network, 2/4

Grab the “World ID”

Use the world ID to get the port-id:
esxcli network vm port list -w 54526
   Port ID: 50331665
   vSwitch: vSwitch1
   Portgroup: 2/13
   DVPort ID:
   MAC Address: 00:50:56:82:0b:97
   IP Address:
   Team Uplink: vmnic5
   Uplink Port ID: 50331650
   Active Filters:

From here we can correlate which port-id is giving us the most traffic or which ones is giving us problems. Once we have the port-id we can get some statistics on that port.
esxcli network port stats get -p 50331665
Packet statistics for port 50331665
   Packets received: 554581
   Packets sent: 473571
   Bytes received: 740098057
   Bytes sent: 91336282
   Broadcast packets received: 9909
   Broadcast packets sent: 15
   Multicast packets received: 0
   Multicast packets sent: 0
   Unicast packets received: 544672
   Unicast packets sent: 473556
   Receive packets dropped: 3
   Transmit packets dropped: 0


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