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OSP (Operating System Specific) VMware tools installation

First check if VMware tools is already installed, if it is, remove it.
rpm -qa | grep vm
ps auxwww | grep vmwa
pgrep -fl vmtoolsd
If any of the above show that VMware tools is running remove it using either

rpm -e VMwareTools

Depending on how it was initially installed.

Make a directory to store the GPG keys
mkdir -p /srv/crypto

Get the GPG keys

Import the keys (so we don't have to include them in the .repo file)
rpm --import
rpm --import

Create a repo file
vi /etc/yum.repos.d/vmware-tools.repo

Example content:

name=VMware Tools

Depending on your kernel version if you're running a PAE or pae kernel you might have to install a different version of VMware tools. To check if you're running PAE run the following
uname -r

By default RHEL doesn't need to specify a PAE kernel type when installing but if your kernel ends as follows you will have to

Install VMware tools
yum install vmware-tools-esx-kmods vmware-tools-esx

If you have a PAE kernel it's slightly different
yum install vmware-tools-esx-kmods-PAE vmware-tools-esx

For more info check the official documentation:

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