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macports and tmux on osx

Install tmux from macports:

  1. Install Xcode from the App Store
  2. Install the .pkg provided by macports
  3. Install tmux using the port system
    sudo port install tmux 

After the port is installed you can copy your .tmux.conf file to your home directory under /Users/[username]/.tmux.conf

To scrollback in the buffer in tmux on OSX you will need to perform the following:
ctrl+[modifier] -> [ -> Shift+Fn+(up arrow|down arrow) 

It's a pretty messy key combo but the mapping of page up and page down in terminal mixed with the fact that the mac air doesn't have page up/down keys makes it a bit challenging. On remote tmux sessions I can get away with just
ctrl+[modifier] -> [ ->Fn+(up arrow|down arrow)

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