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Wiki Page Searching

In MoinMoin it can be useful to categorize pages and then build table of contents on pages that pull in all pages associated with those categories.

This can be done using the
<<FullSearch(category:[CategoryName])>>or <<FullSearchCached(category:[CategoryName])>>

The FullSearch will perform a active search on all categories to find out which pages belong to that category and the cached will maintain a cache of categories to make indexing these pages faster.

The Format for a category search can be controlled using:
Which tells whichever search engine, xapian or default moinmoin search engine how to match categories for this searching. Xapian can sometimes have problems matching certain regex statements . So when upgrading from moinmoin search to xapian be aware you might not be able to index everything you want appropriately.

Search Macros - 
Search Parameters -
Wiki Configuration (page_category_regex) -
Category Explanation and Usage -
Xapian FullSearch bug -

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