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Eyefinity Requirements for 3 Monitors

After plugging in my monitors in the following fashion:
and being unable to have 3 monitors, I wondered what was wrong.

So I tried another option
1xminidisplayport to HDMI

But it still didn't work.

After some quick browsing around the internet I found out that you will end up maxing out your displays after using a maximum of 2 HDMI OR DVI ports.

It looks like you need to get one of the following to enabled the third display:
  1. Active Cable (displayport -> DVI OR displayport -> HDMI) - They are pretty large so its unlikely your apple adapter or generic adapter will work for this. You'll likely require one of the active sync cables listed below in the reference
  2. Displayport Cable with Displayport monitor

In all cases, in order to get 3 monitors to work you MUST use the displayport signalling portion of your graphics card.


Active Adapters:

General Reference:!!

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