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GRE Tunnel Config

Steps to create a GRE Tunnel

Local Subnet 1:
Local Subnet 2:
Public Subnet:

On Local subnet 2 side create a tunnel interface:

interface tunnel 0
ip address

Tie this interface to the physical interface in which it should be bound to:

tunnel source serial 0/0

Which is the IP address of

Then we need to set the tunnel destination to be

tunnel destination

This is the other side of the public IP connection

Set the tunnel mode to be gre

tunnel mode gre ip

On Local subnet 1 side create a tunnel interface.
This doesn't have to be the same number as the tunnel on the remote side.

interface tunnel 0
ip address
tunnel source s0/0
tunnel destination
tunnel mode gre ip

If you're running a routing protocol on each router that has established a tunnel with each other they will each form an adjacency with each others subnet. Meaning Local Subnet 1 router will now know that Local Subnet 2 is over the GRE tunnel interface.


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