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Limiting Bandwidth Using Robocopy

Robocopy does not have any built in bandwidth limiter by rate specifically.

But what you can do is use the inner packet gap switch /ipg:n to simulate a lower bandwidth by adding more delay between packets.

The equation to use to calculate is as follows:

D is the calculated latency or inner packet gap
Bd is the desired bandwidth you would like to transfer at
Ba is the available bandwidth to you

If my
Bd is 200kbps
Ba is 1000kbps


Therefore my /ipg:n will be /ipg:2048



  1. I have seen this formula elsewhere and I think it is bogus.

    The robocopy /IPG parameter specifies the inter-packet gap in milliseconds. The formula above inserts a full 2.048 seconds between each packet. In order to determine mathematically what the bandwidth utilization of a transfer that sends a single packet every 2 seconds is we would need to know what the packet size (MTU) is. To use the most common scenario let's use 1500 bytes, or (8*1500)=12,000 bits. If we are sending a single packet every 2 seconds then we are transferring at a rate of 12,000/2 or 6Kbps, not 200Kbps. And the fact that MTU is not even a factor in the formula tells me that it can't possibly be valid.

  2. Actually the formula is correct because the value 512 in the above formula indicates a 64KB packet which is the size that robocopy uses. This was not stated in the explanation, but it is accounted for.

  3. Robocopy cannot generate a 64k packet because the normal MTU is 1500 bytes. Somehow I don't think a 64kB length packet will traverse an interface whose data path is limited to 1500 bytes without fragmentation.