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Collaborative Playlists

This tutorial describes how to create a playlist that can be shared and collaborated on among youtube users.

  1. Login to
  2. Search a video you would like to add to your playlist
  3. Click the video you would like to add to the playlist
  4. Click the "Add to" button below the video
  5. Click "Create new playlist" button that comes up
  6. Type a name for the playlist you would like to create and then select "Create"
  7. In the top left of the screen locate the drop-down menu and click it
  8. Find the playlist you just created and click it
  9. Go to "Playlist Settings"
  10. Click on the "Collaborate" tab
  11. Flip the switch that says "Collaborators can add videos to this playlist"
  12. Click the "Get link" button
  13. Copy the link and save it somewhere as you will need it to share with all members who you would like to be able to add videos to your playlist
  14. Select the "Save" button
When users open the link you have shared with them it will display the playlist.

They will be able to add videos using the "Add videos" button located on the top right of the playlist

Resources and other playlist sharing options:

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