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Basic Group Policy Configuration

Group Policy is typically applied to Organizational Units.
Organizational Units have a book icon under "Active Directory Users and Computers"

It is a good idea to separate your Organizational Units into:
  • Computer Policy
  • User Policy
You place user accounts under the Users OU and Computers in the Computer OU

Creating OU's is done by creating and managing users.

You would go to "active directory users and computers" then right click on the domain and click "create ou"

To manage group policy you go:
Start > Administrative Tools > Group Policy Management
You then drill down the forest to the specific domain you're looking for.

Once you find the OU you're looking for you just right click it and press "Create a GPO in this domain, and Link it here"

You then just give it a name and you'll find it under the OU

To configure the group policy you just created:
  1. Expand the OU you created the Policy for
  2. Find the policy you created, right click it, press "Edit"

Computer Configuration - Is applied to the machine when the computer starts up
User Configuration - Is applied when the user logs in
Policies - Are strictly enforced and the users cannot change the preferences specified
Preferences - Are not strictly enforced and the user can change what is specified

All you do then is expand the policies until you find a policy you would like to modify. Once you find it you will have to enable the policy.


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