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Places to Play PickleBall in Kitchener Waterloo

The two most popular places I've seen are KW-Badminton Club & RIM Park

KW-Badminton Club
Rackets: You can borrow for free
Price: $5 (or bulk purchase discount)
Location: 69 Agnes Street, Kitchener

RIM Park
Rackets: Borrow for free 3 times
Price: $5 (bulk/age discount)
Location: RIM Park 2001 University Ave. E

Other Places to Play
Alternative: Various YMCA's have pickleball in their schedule (ex. check out A.R. Kaufman Family YMCA)

Where to Buy Rackets:
Location: 55 Erb Street East, Waterloo, ON
Price: Minimum ~$80


  1. Bradley, you mention some good place for playing pickleball. Among of them, I like the RIM Park. You know the surround of RIM Park is really outstanding. When I want to play pickleball game, simply I go to RIM Park and start playing. :) pickleball strategy

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  3. I still work for a living and find it almost impossible to play Pickleball, because all scheduled play is during the day for retired people. How about we have more evening play scheduled? Weekends are the ONLY time a working person can play?

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