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Places to Play PickleBall in Kitchener Waterloo

The two most popular places I've seen are KW-Badminton Club & RIM Park

KW-Badminton Club
Rackets: You can borrow for free
Price: $5 (or bulk purchase discount)
Location: 69 Agnes Street, Kitchener

RIM Park
Rackets: Borrow for free 3 times
Price: $5 (bulk/age discount)
Location: RIM Park 2001 University Ave. E

Other Places to Play
Alternative: Various YMCA's have pickleball in their schedule (ex. check out A.R. Kaufman Family YMCA)

Where to Buy Rackets:
Location: 55 Erb Street East, Waterloo, ON
Price: Minimum ~$80

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  1. Bradley, you mention some good place for playing pickleball. Among of them, I like the RIM Park. You know the surround of RIM Park is really outstanding. When I want to play pickleball game, simply I go to RIM Park and start playing. :) pickleball strategy